I think I can make something for you: ACO creates GT1 (exotic and ultrapowerful cars) and GT2 (slightly more production based) in 1994. BPR pares down its previous four classes to GT1 and GT2, pretty much identical to ACO, in 1996. In 1997, BPR becomes SRO and their series becomes the FIA GT Championship. GT1 pretty… » 10/08/12 8:08pm 10/08/12 8:08pm

STP but no Sunoco Penske? BMW Art Car but no Jägermeister? Flying Lizard but no Bitten & Hisses? Cunningham but no Ecurie Ecosse? No love for Team Gunston? No love for Gitanes Blondes? No love for Miller Genuine Draft? Penthouse Rizla Racing? Subaru 555? Toyota Castrol Team? Rothmans Porsche? Jordan 7up? Bastos Spa 24… » 6/15/12 1:37pm 6/15/12 1:37pm

Refers to driving a stick with his own hipster-sounding neologism "frugal-chic." Quotes AOL as a trustworthy automotive information source. Drives a Saturn. And wants his opinion on automobiles to be taken seriously. I see. » 5/16/12 12:43pm 5/16/12 12:43pm